"I have been taking shooting with Adrian Thornton-Berry for many years. We have always had great shooting and on occasion a really magical day. Adrian understands the needs of real shooting people and he cares."

Shooting Abroad


Partridge Season: 1st October – 10th March

Spain – with its hilly topography, warm climate, great wines and extravagant hospitality is a shooting destination for the game book that simply can’t be missed.

Here you can experience drives that are sure to excite even the most accomplished of shots. On our shoots, you can expect an adrenaline packed day filled with birds from every height and angle; from fast moving coveys of Partridge hugging the contours of the rugged landscape like Grouse, interspersed with massive stunning high birds from the hilltops.

Challenging, competitive, rewarding, yet completely unique and we haven’t even touched on the accommodation and hospitality… This is Spain at its absolute best!

We tailor these experiences specifically for you, so please call us and let’s talk about your next Spanish shooting adventure.


Wing Shooting Season: 1st April – 1st July

South Africa is famous for its exceptional wing shooting, especially its Rock Pigeons. They are fast and furious, averaging speeds of 52mph and as close to a Grouse in speed as one can get… You can expect to fire between 500 to 1,000+ shots in a single session. Prepare to be excited and amazed (and if you don’t have a glove, you will burn your hands)!

The next day…

You will walk up Guinea Fowl and Francolin over pointers which burst out of the cover like rockets in the middle of the African bush. Traditional driven Guinea Fowl is also an incredible experience with local beaters driving wave after wave of wild birds over the guns. Lunch can be taken on the brai by a waterhole whilst you watch the African wildlife pass the time of day.

Into the evening…

The Duck flighting takes shape on the banks of the River Vaal, the most breathtaking sunset evolves in front of your hide, a cold beer to hand and over 10 species of Duck & Geese whistling over your head onto the lakes as the sun melts away into the African night.

There is so much more Africa has to offer too…

Flighting Sand Grouse

Decoyed Geese

Dove shooting

We haven’t even begun to discuss the accommodation and hospitality, they are bespoke and spectacular as one might imagine.

We tailor these experiences specifically for you, so please call us and let’s talk about your next African adventure.

Grouse Season

Partridge & Pheasant Shooting

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