"This is to thank you for so many things yesterday. Hosting in such a relaxed style, keeping us all jollied along, spending so much time with one of my guns (I think you might have created a real enthusiast) and the rest. A great job: thank you."

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all clients shooting on a day should be able to provide a copy of their shotgun licence. If they do not hold a shotgun licence then they should be accompanied by a qualified Instructor or a registered licence holder with the specific gun in use on their licence.

Yes, all clients shooting on a day should be able to provide a copy of their public liability insurance when asked. We would also recommend if buying shooting through Dalesport that you take out cancellation insurance for the day.

Yes, you will need a VSP to enter the UK with your own firearms and even if you intend on renting/borrowing guns whilst in the UK the law requires you to have a VSP and the relevant insurance cover.

Dalesport will send a personalised Invoice/Agreement to you for your specific day(s) and our payment details/terms will be included within these documents.

Please note: Dalesport do not intend on changing any of our banking details and if this was ever the case, we would directly contact you to make you aware of these changes.

Yes, Dalesport has many contacts in both hospitality and leisure across the areas we shoot over, so please see our UK Packages for more information.

Yes, normally the shoot will provide elevenses & lunch for the Guns, extra guests will be charged anywhere from £30 to £50 per person depending on which shoot you are attending.

No, Dalesport has a vast number of qualified loaders and instructors for your available use, please just let us know at least two weeks in advance of your day(s) and we can arrange this service for you.

Some shoots will have a Gun Bus, but on most of our shoots Clients will be encouraged to use their own 4x4 vehicles throughout the day. Please let us know at least two weeks in advance whether you do not have suitable off road transport for the day and we can arrange 4x4 rental car(s).

There is no exact amount to tip a Keeper for a days shooting, it is to the Clients own discretion. BUT we would advise all Clients to ask their Dalesport Host and they will recommend what they think is a fair tip for the Keeper for the day.

No, please let us know at least two weeks in advance of your day(s) and we will arrange mobility transport for you throughout the day to get you to and from your peg/butt.

No, please let us know your specific dietary requirements at least two weeks in advance of your day(s) and we can arrange with our catering staff to accommodate your requirements.

Yes, well behaved dogs are always welcome on Dalesport shoot days, we recommend you keep them on a lead throughout the drive and only let them retrieve birds once the final horn/whistle has been blown to signal the end of the drive.

We would recommend wearing traditional shooting attire for a days shooting, dark colours are good especially when grouse shooting and a waterproof jacket with waterproof footwear are always essential too.

Yes, we always recommend that all Clients whether they are shooting or not, wear the relevant ear and eye protection whilst the drive is in progress. If you do not have any ear or eye protection, please ask your Dalesport Host and they will provide you with them for the day.

You will receive an email upon booking with us that sets out our COVID-19 refund policy. But essentially if you have booked Grouse shooting you will have the opportunity to roll your funds over to next season or receive a refund. If you have booked Partridge/Pheasant shooting we are offering 75% refund on the total balance meaning you are liable for 25% of the full cost of the day or your peg.

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